How Subliminal Audio Messages Help You Motivate Yourself To Exercise

Subliminal audio messages are messages that pass your conscious threshold. They may be viewed as covert messages because you do not consciously hear them.

The subconscious mind on the other hand understands them, and is able to change your thoughts and feelings towards exercise because of their impact.

What they can’t do

But, they can not change you unless you want them to. If you are not committed to exercising regularly, if you still plan on making excuses or just toying with the idea of exercising while all you will do is sit at home and read Reddit, subliminal audio is not for you.

The simple fact is that subliminal audio is recorded to help you deal with a lack of motivation when the exercise gets tough and muscles start to hurt, or when lungs start to burn during the long run. They are able to give you that extra push that you need.

What they feel like

Subliminal messages feel like relaxation. Their aim is to get you relaxed first, so your conscious mind is calm and unobtrusive while they send positive affirmations that will help you end your struggle with exercise.

images (1)The thing is, you lack motivation for exercise because of habit. You have a habit of feeling cushy and not pushing yourself. That is a result of training as well! It is mental training, but training none the less.

Subliminal messages work by reversing the training you have given yourself over the years. They help by aligning your conscious desires to work out regularly with the subconscious.

The body and mind are connected. If you have a healthy mind, which subliminal messages help you achieve, you will soon have a healthy body too.

Why can’t I just recite positive affirmations

Of course, you could just recite the positive affirmations to yourself, but that would not be as helpful because just reciting the affirmations would likely not penetrate your consciousness.

Those messages would not reach the subconscious, or even if they would they would just be confusing, as any time you said to yourself that you love to exercise, the conscious mind would just send countless counter examples in which it will prove that that thought is false.

Reprogramming your mind is possible with solely using positive affirmations, but they are multiple times more effective when used in combination with subliminal audio messages, which will help you reprogram your mind naturally, as it won’t feel like you’ve actually done anything by force.

Christopher Montrose has written articles for multiple sites across the web. He is an associate at Real Subliminal, a company for which he writes about benefits of using hypnosis and subliminal audio in every day life.