How Can You Help Anyone Else Until You Help Yourself?

download (1)With so much focus and emphasis often placed on the necessities for being an effective leader, one of the key factors is often either overlooked or taken for granted. This factor, which has a major impact on one’s behavior, attitude, perceptions, objectivity, and ability to provide value to constituents and others, must respond to the title question of this article, which is, how can you help anyone else until you help yourself? Once one is willing to look introspectively and be truly objective, he becomes capable of proceeding forward with a positive attitude, and then create meaningful value for his constituents. Unfortunately, however, many in positions of leadership lack either the ability or willingness to make themselves better, and therefore be the best they can be. Great leaders must be self – confident and proactive, which requires a capability and willingness to help oneself become better and more proficient.

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